I can help you build your own custom computer, upgrade an existing one, or fix/troubleshoot your current computer
Why you should consider building your own system
Full warranty on all new parts from reputable brands that are known for making specific components.
Better quality internal components than pre-built systems where they cut corners to make profit.
Spend more money where it matters, with help on which parts to buy from a knowledgable computer technician.
Your computer will have a superior cooler which keeps temperature down and keeps less wear and tear on your components, making for a long life span.
Pre-built systems are loaded with programs and bloatware that you dont use and dont want. They are slowing your system down, if you build your own system you get to choose specifically what goes into your system.
When you build your own system you have complete creative freedom in choice of your case and your lights, dont settle for someone elses vision

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My Passion
As a content creator, web developer, and gaming enthusiast, I needed a better computer. Many of the pre-built options I was looking at didn't specifically fit my needs. This is when I decided I would learn to build my own system, that was 6 years ago! Throughout all of this time upgrading, re-building, and working on nearly every top brand of computer part out there, I have worked on/built 100s of computers , is yours next?
The Focus
I want to provide you with a seamless computer building experience where I can help you pick the parts based on the intended purpose and your personal needs. Looking for a computer to simply browse the web and handle small tasks? I can put together an extremely reliable and easily fixable/upgradeable system at a low cost that will serve you for years to come, but what if something breaks? Forget buying a whole new system when something malfunctions, I can replace the specific part (much cheaper than a whole system) for you and youll be back up and running in no time! Looking for a workstation for heavy workloads like video rendering, gaming, streaming, cryptocurrency mining, or development work? I have you covered, I have built a fleet of High-performing systems that are benchmarked and overclocked so they can perform their best and stand the test of time.
My Process
Start by determining whether you want me to pick the parts for you, or build a system with parts you have pre-selected. If you choose, I will take your Budget into account and put together a system based on your specific needs. I will then source the components from major retailers such as Newegg, Amazon, and Microcenter to ensure standard pricing and a quick turn-around time! I'll build and test the machine to ensure it meets all of your expectations. The majority of our builds are completed within 2 business days from the time the parts are delivered. I offer pick-up/delivery of the system to anywhere on Staten Island or I can ship the system, you pay shipping.
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With over 5 years of experience in building some of the most advanced custom computers, I hand-build every system with care and enthusiasm. Everything from customer service, assembly, testing, and quality assurance is where I shine. This is what makes a custom computer truly special, being hand built with perfection and finished with utmost care. All systems I build are cable managed and beautiful on the inside, even cases without windows. The wiring inside the case is cable managed in the safest and most efficient way possible, to be out of sight so there is more focus on your beautiful components!
Assembling the computer is only part of our process, every system I build is benchmarked and thoroughly tested to ensure all components are performing at or above expectations. I am obsessed with squeezing every ounce of performance I can into a reliable and trustworthy system. Assembling parts is the least I do, to unlock maximum performance in our systems I take factors into account such as:
  • Cable Management
  • Chassis Airflow
  • Power Delivery
  • Layout of components
High-performance hardware will be properly tested for bottlenecks and stability. All high-performance systems will be stress-tested and benchmarked to analyze the performance of the Processor, Graphics Cards, Storage, and even the Power Supply!
Every system I build comes with lifetime support for that build, troubleshooting and assessing repairs that need to be done. I have a commitment to customer service and I share the same passion for technology, I want to make sure you are happy with your experience! I believe the customer is always right, if there is ever an issue with a system I built, you have a knowledgable technician on call!
Let's Build It